Sunday, June 09, 2002

I do it wrong

Laying here in the shadows of my room, I squint up at my love. My Ms. Portman. I am sore and tired after fucking her for eight solid hours. My chapped and aching dick is soaking in grits to relieve the pain. She gets on her knees and starts lapping the grits up out of the bowl. She places her beautiful hands on my penis and starts to lick the grits off my achy piece.

Massaging my nutsack she....

Yanking my dick out of her mouth I throw her to the ground and shove it in to her gaping freshly fisted ass.

"OH BIG ASS SPORK!! Fuck my ass, fuck my ass good. DEEPER, my stallion, deeper!! Make a Beowulf cluster of sperm on my back!!"

"Imagine a Beowulf cluster of this baby!"

I continue to hump her alabaster form. Glistening with beads of sweat, she bites her lip in delight as I tear her ass open with my engorged dick.
"Queen Amidala!!" I shreik as I near climax.
She looks up at me and screams, "You are so alive in me, unlike *BSD or VA Software!!! Fill me with seed!! Yes, Yes, Yess!!!!"
"For me you are calling, hhhmmm?"
"YODA?!? What the fuck, can't you see I am using the force here?"
He savagely kicks my Natalie aside, he pulls out his large green penis and impales me...

All your sporkz are belong to the dead homiez!!

Long time no write... What has happened? Went to a coupla' shows, the Eagles, Prong/Danzig. Rocked. Still going to school, pets are doing fine....

+- j a c k - o f f - j a c k - o f f -+
|    |  \     \                       |
j    |   \     \  __                  j
a     \   \     \/__|__,,..---v--.    a
c     |__,,\.--"""K_'         |   \   c
k     |                        \  _>  k
o     |         _ _ _ _        |   /  o
f     |        /_v_v_v_\..---""'`-'   f
f     |   __,,.| |_| | |              f
|     /   \    \_h_h_h_/              |
j    |     |                          j
a    |     |                          a
c   |\     |                          c
k   | \___/                           k
o   |                                 o
f   |                                 f
f   |                                 f
|   |                                 |
+- j a c k - o f f - j a c k - o f f -+